Section header, swatch B

Collapsible content, swatch "b"

    Remember that you need four sections:
  • The entire page needs data-role="page"
  • The header needs data-role="header"
  • The main part of the page needs data-role="content"
  • The footer needs data-role="footer"
You can also have data-position="fixed" for the header and footer.

Section header, swatch A

Collapsible content, swatch "a"

Section header, swatch E

Collapsible content, swatch "e"

Section header, swatch D

Collapsible button content, swatch "d"

data-icon=action data-icon=action data-icon=alert data-icon=arrow-d data-icon=arrow-d-l data-icon=arrow-d-r data-icon=arrow-l data-icon=arrow-r data-icon=arrow-u data-icon=arrow-u-l data-icon=arrow-u-r data-icon=audio data-icon=back data-icon=bars data-icon=bullets data-icon=calendar data-icon=camera data-icon=carat-d data-icon=carat-l data-icon=carat-r data-icon=carat-u data-icon=check data-icon=clock data-icon=cloud data-icon=comment data-icon=delete data-icon=edit data-icon=eye data-icon=forbidden data-icon=forward data-icon=gear data-icon=heart data-icon=home data-icon=info data-icon=location data-icon=lock data-icon=mail data-icon=minus data-icon=navigation data-icon=phone data-icon=plus data-icon=power data-icon=grid data-icon=refresh data-icon=search data-icon=star data-icon=recycle data-icon=shop data-icon=user data-icon=video

data-iconpos=right data-iconpos=top data-iconpos=bottom

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